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Time-limited Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (TAPP), for adolescents and young adults

TAPP is a time-limited dynamic psychotherapy for adolescents and young adults in the age range (approximately) of 14-25 years.  An initial engagement phase, consisting of 4 weekly sessions, leads to the collaborative  identification of the focus for therapy, which usually consists of 16 weekly sessions, followed by a review. The aim is to connect thoughts and feelings with developmental changes and the young person’s current social contexts (including family, friends, education, work).  Therapeutic work with a developmental focus aims to enable young people to recover the capacity to meet developmental challenges, and reduce mental health difficulties.  

TAPP meets the needs of young people experiencing a wide range of mental health and psychosocial difficulties during the adolescent and early adult years. It is particularly relevant for young people who have: difficulties and anxieties in and with relationships; depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts; anxieties and difficulties around separations; anxieties and concerns about developmental issues, including gender and sexuality; anxieties about the future.

Find a TAPP Therapist in London at the Bloomsbury Therapy Centre

Here you will find brief details of our psychotherapist specialising in TAPP working at the Centre.  Follow the link for further details.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about the therapy offered, you can contact the therapist directly.  

Additionally, training for professionals to deliver TAPP is available, through a BPC accredited training programme.

Stephen Briggs MA, Msc, PhD
Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Work Focus

30+ years of experience of psychotherapy with adults and young people. My aim is to offer a safe therapeutic space, in which to think about and make sense of difficult feelings and experiences; to provide opportunities for understanding and learning about ourselves, about what makes it difficult for us in life, and how to find new ways to think about ourselves. I work from the perspective of a psychodynamic approach, which for me means taking account of aspects of our emotional and relational lives we are not immediately or more deeply aware of, understanding difficult feelings, and linking these with our past and present lives.

Contact Details

Tel: 07957 178938


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Dean Flanagan B.Sc. P.G.C.E. D.Ed.Ch.Psych. C.Psychol.

Child, Community and Educational Psychologist

Work Focus

My work focus is with young people (14 to 25 years) who are experiencing psychological difficulties with anxiety, low mood, relationships, loss, learning, as well as life transitions and questions of identity.

My approach is integrative, meaning that I have knowledge, skills and experience of drawing upon a range of therapeutic models to best meet your individual needs and goals.

Contact Details

Phone: 07468 890377
E-mail :

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